Weather in Cullowhee, NC

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Mostly Clear
Currently High Today Low Today
Temperature 59.7°F 88.9°F at 2:56pm 59.4°F at 10:35pm
Humidity 93% 94% at 8:10am 46% at 2:50pm

Heat Index 60°F 93°F at 2:30pm
Wind Chill 60°F 59°F at 10:35pm
Dew Point 58°F 72°F at 12:41pm 57°F at 10:35pm

Barometer 30.172" 30.181" at 10:06am 30.055" at 3:13pm
Bar Trend Rising Slowly

Wind Speed 0 mph 8 mph at 3:38pm from the Northeast

Today Month Year
Rainfall 0.00" 2.07" 31.37"

Doppler Radar

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36hr Forecast

  • Morning Low: 56°F Clearing Fog
  • Afternoon High: 81°F Mostly Sunny
  • Night Low: 57°F Mostly Clear

5 Day Forecast

  • Tuesday H: 81°F L: 58°F Mostly Sunny
  • Wednesday H: 82°F L: 61°F Mostly Sunny
  • Thursday H: 81°F L: 57°F Isolated Showers
  • Friday H: 79°F L: 58°F Isolated Showers
  • Saturday H: 79°F L: 56°F Mostly Sunny
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