LYW Observations

  • Above Normal Temps Continue; Heavy Rain Wednesday

    Published: 2.17.18 8:54am

    Good Morning Folks! It feels like we took a big jump from winter into spring and although the next 5 – 10 days paint a rather warm and at times, soggy picture, we are still very much likely to see another round of cold and perhaps wintry precip before this... click here for more
  • Showers Reign Supreme Saturday through Wednesday

    Published: 2.9.18 2:53pm

    Good Afternoon Folks! If you don’t already know, rain is on the way and good bit to boot as we expect 3 – 5” of rain to fall across the region tonight through Monday, with another several inches likely through next week as southwest flow becomes the norm for the... click here for more
  • Rain Melts the Wintry Mess Away; More Rain Wednesday

    Published: 2.4.18 10:11am

    Good Morning Folks! Reports are coming in from across the region with an inch of snow/sleet on average for most locations, followed by freezing rain with a glaze in parts and now its raining as temps both aloft and at the surface warm above freezing. Showers will come to an... click here for more
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