LYW Observations

  • Eclipse Forecast Improving

    Published: 8.17.17 10:08am

    Good Morning Folks! Moisture is slowly creeping back into the region today and this will translate to pop up showers this afternoon and when coupled with a passing front tomorrow, we expect scattered thunderstorms to move through later in the day Friday. Saturday and Sunday both offer up more sun... click here for more
  • Thunderstorms Develop Friday; Some Sunshine Saturday

    Published: 8.16.17 12:22pm

    Good Morning Folks! Temps hit near normal levels today through the weekend, cooling down a bit early next week as clouds and showers fill back in, but leveling back out by this time next week. Sunshine will dominate the landscape today and tomorrow, although tomorrow will feature better shower chances... click here for more
  • Reduction in Shower Coverage this Weekend, Though Not Dry

    Published: 8.11.17 8:54am

    Good Morning Folks! Areas northeast of Macon County picked up a tenth to a quarter inch of rain yesterday, while those southwest picked up a half inch up to an inch, with the highest total just over an inch along Hwy 74 south of Murphy. We’ll pick up another half... click here for more
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