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Above Normal Temps Continue; Heavy Rain Wednesday

Published: 2.17.18 8:54am

Good Morning Folks! It feels like we took a big jump from winter into spring and although the next 5 – 10 days paint a rather warm and at times, soggy picture, we are still very much likely to see another round of cold and perhaps wintry precip before this... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Showers Reign Supreme Saturday through Wednesday

Published: 2.9.18 2:53pm

Good Afternoon Folks! If you don’t already know, rain is on the way and good bit to boot as we expect 3 – 5” of rain to fall across the region tonight through Monday, with another several inches likely through next week as southwest flow becomes the norm for the... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Rain Melts the Wintry Mess Away; More Rain Wednesday

Published: 2.4.18 10:11am

Good Morning Folks! Reports are coming in from across the region with an inch of snow/sleet on average for most locations, followed by freezing rain with a glaze in parts and now its raining as temps both aloft and at the surface warm above freezing. Showers will come to an... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Snow Thursday Night and again Saturday Night

Published: 2.1.18 4:35pm

Good Afternoon Folks! As most of us already know, snow is on the way and we will dive into the details here shortly, but let’s take a step back and look at the next handful of days across the region. A front moves through tonight, kicking rain to snow for... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Rain to Snow, then Sunshine, then more Rain to Snow

Published: 1.29.18 10:41am

Good Morning Folks! Showers have been peppering the region overnight and we’ll deal with another round of moderate rain this afternoon, followed by a quick shot of flurries/light snow Monday morning, with a follow up round of snow Monday night. From then on its sunny skies and cooler but seasonal... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Region Wide Showers Monday; Normal Temps by Tuesday

Published: 1.21.18 12:16pm

Good Morning Folks! We’re enjoying above normal warmth today and it will linger through tomorrow, however by Tuesday morning we’ll notice a change and this time it will be one that brings us normal conditions. We don’t expect a cold snap for a week or two as the outlook shows... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

A Shot of Snow and Deep Cold this Week

Published: 1.15.18 7:34am

Good Morning Folks! Another cold wave returns this week, but first we’ll deal with a shot of snow that should arrive during the mid – late afternoon hours on Tuesday, dropping a dusting across the valleys and up to a few inches along the TN line. Although this is not... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Returning to the Ice Box this Weekend; SNOW for the TN line

Published: 1.11.18 10:44am

Good Morning Folks! Well, all good things must to come an end as the warm weather we are currently enjoying till give way to a light snow event this weekend, with below normal temps hanging around all of next week. Temps today hit the low 60’s across the lower elevations... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Slick Roads Possible Monday; We Thaw Out Tuesday

Published: 1.6.18 11:42am

Good Morning Folks! The cold wave is coming to an end and its somewhat historic with the longevity of the below normal temps ranking near the top for many locations. The depth of the cold was not record breaking, however numerous locations dipped below zero and hung out just above... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Near Zero Temps this Week

Published: 1.2.18 6:29am

Good Morning Folks! The highlight of the discussion is of course the deep cold and how long it will last, with many schools across the region this morning on a delay. Subzero temperature readings are coming in from along the ridgelines, while the majority of us throughout the lower elevations... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Sub Zero Temps Squash Snow Chances

Published: 12.27.17 2:04pm

Good Afternoon Folks! Snow lovers will not be excited to hear that the snow chances for Thur/Fri and Sun/Mon are all but squashed at this point. This is thanks to the strength of the arctic airmass coming down the pipe, reaching our region by Tuesday of next week. Although it... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Sunny on Christmas; Snow Possible Thursday/Friday

Published: 12.24.17 10:58am

Good Morning Folks! It’s Christmas Eve and we’re watching two potential snow events for next week, with a skiff of snow tonight for the TN line area. Temps will certainly turn colder beginning today and linger through the rest of the week. Today through Wednesday will feature fair weather and... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Soggy through Sunday; MUCH COLDER by Christmas

Published: 12.20.17 11:38am

Good Morning Folks! Showers continue across the region and will eventually wind down to isolated showers this evening, with isolated shower chances continuing throughout the day on Thursday. Clouds and showers return Friday with region wide coverage possible by the late afternoon/early evening hours and coverage will continue into Saturday,... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Gradual Warming into the Weekend; Showers by Sunday

Published: 12.13.17 9:56am

Good Morning Folks! Temps are off to another cold start this morning with lows in the low teens – low 20’s across the area, only rebounding to the mid 30’s – low 40’s this afternoon. Sunshine today will continue into Thursday, with clouds moving overhead Friday as a disturbance swings... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

The Storm That Surprised Us All (1.5 Foot Totals)!!!

Published: 12.9.17 10:30am

Good Morning Folks! Preaching to the choir here but we are now winding down this whopper of a snowstorm, with totals ranging from 7 – 18”, possibly exceeding 20” in a few localized areas. The running (will be updated all day) snow totals for the region can be found at... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Much Higher Snow Totals than Originally Forecasted!!!

Published: 12.8.17 8:22am
Updated: 3:15pm

Quick Update (12/9/17 9:30am): Snow will wind down very soon and then the sunshine will come into play but not for long as clouds develop later on this afternoon, with snow developing this evening. This second round of snow will only bring the region a few inches, with areas closer... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Snow Friday and Saturday, but also Tuesday?!?!

Published: 12.7.17 9:54am

Good Morning Folks! We took a few days off to update the discussion to allow the models to work out the kinks pertaining to the upcoming two snow events this weekend. We’ll experience passing clouds today with moisture moving in late tonight, however the limiting factor rolling into tomorrow related... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

SNOW Chances Remain for Friday and Saturday

Published: 12.5.17 10:33am

Good Morning Folks! Rain is beginning to move into the region and will peak in coverage this afternoon, winding down before midnight tonight. Then comes the cold air we have been talking about for roughly a week, which will last from Wednesday through Sunday and finally moderate by Monday/Tuesday of... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Region Wide Showers Tuesday; Much Colder Wed - Fri

Published: 12.3.17 11:47am

Good Morning Folks! The fog has lifted and the sun is shining, which will bring temps to above average levels, making for a pleasant end to the weekend. Sunshine rolls into Monday but showers move in late Monday for a portion of the region, then all of SW NC Tuesday... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Above Normal Temps through the Weekend

Published: 11.28.17 10:47am

Good Morning Folks! We had a decent temperature inversion this morning across the region with Mt. Mitchell dipping to 41°F, while the low elevation towns such as Cullowhee and Sylva bottomed out to 21°F. Sunshine will correct this imbalance and bring temps to a handful of degrees above the seasonal... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

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