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Above Average Temps Continue into Next Week

Published: 3.24.17 8:09am

Good Morning Folks! High clouds are situated overhead this morning and this has led to morning lows roughly 8 – 10 degrees warmer than forecasted, more so across the valley floor as they sit in the upper 40’s (upper 30’s forecasted). Clouds and sunshine will dance back and forth through... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Warmer Temps and Showers this Weekend

Published: 3.23.17 9:13am

Good Morning Folks! Sunshine will be more plentiful today than previously forecasted and tomorrow is still expected to have passing clouds overhead, with only a slight chance for rain along the SC state line. Saturday brings us cloudy skies and afternoon showers, first for the escarpment and then the rest... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Cooler Today and Tomorrow; Showers this Weekend

Published: 3.22.17 8:01am

Good Morning Folks! Most of the region picked up close to a half inch of rain and there were a few spots that surpassed that mark, with one in particular surpassing the rest and that was Otto with 0.72” for the event (they also received quite a bit of hail).... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Thunderstorms this Afternoon/Evening; Much Cooler Thursday

Published: 3.21.17 8:12am

Good Morning Folks! The front is still expected to cross the area this evening and although the timing has shifted somewhat, we still expect scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon into the evening hours. Showers wind down tomorrow for most of the region but moisture will linger through the area,... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Spring Equinox is Today; Thunderstorms Tomorrow

Published: 3.20.17 8:02am

Good Morning Folks! The Spring Equinox has already ocurred at 6:28am this morning, but for most of us, we'll still celebrate the day as its another milestone toward warmer weather. Mostly clear skies have led to another temperature inversion this morning as the valleys sit in the mid 20’s, while... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Sunshine and Showers this Weekend and Next Week

Published: 3.18.17 9:24am

Good Morning Folks! Most all of SW NC picked up at least a quarter inch of rain, with several sites surpassing the half inch mark and one site in particular, Jonathan Creek in Haywood Co, is reporting 1.20”. Needless to say, this was more than expected but welcomed none the... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Showers Tonight into Tomorrow; Sunny by Sunday

Published: 3.17.17 7:51am

Good Morning Folks! Clouds are moving into the region as we speak and light showers will develop later on this afternoon, with coverage increasing as we move through the evening hours. Temps will be warmer than yesterday and increase again tomorrow, with showers exiting the region earlier in the day... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Warmer Temps are on the Horizon

Published: 3.16.17 9:06am

Good Morning Folks! Most of us throughout the valleys woke up to our coldest start in weeks, with many valleys spots in the low teens and it seems the lowest temp around was 10°F, which occurred in a few spots such as Highlands and Cataloochee Ski Area. We’ll rebound nicely... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Coldest Day of the Week Today; Showers Friday Night

Published: 3.15.17 8:36am

Good Morning Folks! Cataloochee Ski Area, stretching back to Saturday, is reporting a 7” storm total in addition to what they make onsite. With warmer weather on the horizon the snow quality and conditions will be about as perfect as it can be for late season skiing and we highly recommend... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Snow Along the TN Line Today

Published: 3.14.17 8:54am

Good Morning Folks! Cataloochee Ski Area is reporting 2” as of 7am and they are likely approaching 3” for the event as of 9am, with another 2 – 4” possible by the time it’s all said and done. Nearby areas including Maggie Valley and perhaps Waynesville may pick up some... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Another Round of Snow for the TN Line

Published: 3.13.17 9:14am

Good Morning Folks! The calendar says mid March and although it’s not unheard of to be dealing with below normal temps and cold, it still feels off after such a record breaking warm February. We’ll deal with below normal temps through roughly Thursday and snow will fall along the TN... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

A Southern Snow-N-Go is in Full Swing

Published: 3.12.17 9:38am

Good Morning Folks! Our SNOWCAST Map was roughly 90% accurate for this event as the higher amounts that we forecasted (5 – 7”) never came to fruition, with most of SW NC picking up 2 – 3” of snow. A few reports of 4” have come in, but those are... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

A Southwest Snow Special Today and Tomorrow

Published: 3.11.17 9:19am

Good Morning Folks! This incoming snow event is looking more and more like a Southwest Special and by that we mean the SW NC Mountains will be favored to pick up the highest totals for the Southeast. This is due to the track of the system as it interacts with... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

SNOW this Weekend and Again Next Week

Published: 3.10.17 8:42am
Updated: 3:25pm

Good Afternoon Folks! All things seem to be on track and we have updated the article by adding the SNOWCAST Map (bottom of article).  Good Morning Folks! We picked up a quarter- half inch of rain overnight and this is most helpful as we continue to combat the ongoing drought, with... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Spring Like Weather Turns Wintry this Weekend

Published: 3.9.17 9:03am

Good Morning Folks! Temps this morning are a few degrees off forecasted lows but for the most part the temperature inversion played out as expected, with the valleys sitting in the mid 20’s, while the ridgelines enjoy a warmer start in the upper 30’s. We’ll enjoy a very warm day... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Gorgeous Weather Today and Thursday; Showers this Weekend

Published: 3.8.17 6:56am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up anywhere from a half inch up to an inch across the region yesterday and a few spots even reached the 1.5” mark, so overall the event was beneficial. We’ll enjoy sunshine today and tomorrow with temps above average, so be sure to get outside... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Showers, Sunshine and then more Showers

Published: 3.7.17 7:58am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up a few hundredths of an inch yesterday and will likely pick up a half inch for most of the region this afternoon, with a few spots coming close to the inch mark. With a good portion of SW NC under an extreme drought and... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Soggy Today and Tomorrow; Sunshine Returns Wednesday

Published: 3.6.17 8:11am

Good Morning Folks! A few light showers have passed through the region and only a few stations are reporting any measurable precip, all of which are under 0.05”. We will experience a few light showers throughout the day, but mainly we’ll deal with passing clouds and near normal temps. Showers... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Sunshine Today; Light Showers Monday - Wednesday

Published: 3.5.17 9:38am

Good Morning Folks! Temps this morning were right on track with forecasted lows as we experienced yet another temperature inversion across the region. Sunshine today will bring temps several degrees above normal for this time of year, with clouds developing late in advanced of our light rain event. This rain... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Cold Mornings and Warm Afternoons this Weekend

Published: 3.4.17 8:01am

Good Morning Folks! Temps are right in line with our forecast as radiational cooling led to colder temps across the valleys (upper teens), while the ridgelines enjoy temps that are roughly 8 – 10 degrees warmer. Sunshine today and tomorrow will bring temps to above average levels but nothing that... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

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