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Near Freezing Temps this Morning

Published: 10.17.17 7:47am

Good Morning Folks! Temps are close to freezing this morning with morning lows in the mid 30’s along the valley floor, while the ridgelines dipped down to the low – mid 30’s around midnight, but quickly bounced back to the upper 30’s by sunrise. We’ll experience another cold night tonight... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Frosty Mornings are around the Corner

Published: 10.15.17 9:56am

Good Morning Folks! We’ll deal with a band of light showers tonight and then cooler and drier weather Monday through Friday, with most of the excitement wrapped around the near freezing temps a few nights this week. Showers will swing through tonight, clearing out early Monday and then high pressure... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Showers Sunday Night: Frost Likely Tues/Wed Mornings

Published: 10.14.17 10:01am

Good Morning Folks! A few showers over the past 24 hours have left behind a tenth of an inch in a few spots, but for the most part we have remained dry as the wedge pattern never was strong enough to overcome the Great Balsams or the escarpment. Today will... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Muggy Today with a Somewhat Dry Setup Thursday/Friday

Published: 10.11.17 11:07am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up another tenth of an inch for parts of the region, falling well short of the quarter- half inch we forecasted. This leads us to wind down the shower activity today as we went from scattered to isolated shower coverage, with temps above normal and... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Muggy Conditions Linger; Shower Chances Remain

Published: 10.10.17 8:58am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up another tenth to a quarter of inch of rain over the past 24 hours and we’ll likely pick up another quarter- half inch of rain by the time Wednesday afternoon rolls around, with the higher amounts along the ridgelines. Cloudy skies will dominate the... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Over a FOOT of Rain from Sat AM - Mon AM

Published: 10.9.17 8:33am

Good Morning Folks! It always amazes me that no matter how much rain we pick up, unless there is flooding, local news or social media won’t get overly excited but for those of us who are weather nerds, this recent heavy rain event was amazing. We forecasted 4 – 7”... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Nate arrives as a Tropical Storm late Sunday

Published: 10.7.17 12:01pm

Good Morning Folks! The heavy rain event remains alive as Hurricane Nate nears the Gulf Coast, with a timeline that has it arriving as a Tropical Storm late Sunday night across the TN Valley, according to the 10am advisory update from the NHC. We still don’t think this will cause... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Heavy Rain Event Sunday into Monday

Published: 10.6.17 9:22am

Good Morning Folks! Dust off those rain jackets but keep your late summer/early fall attire out as temps will remain above normal with heavy rain on the horizon, peaking in coverage Sunday. The latest track for Nate from the NHC places the low pressure system just to our west or... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Showers this Weekend?!?

Published: 10.4.17 10:37am

Good Morning Folks! The pattern is beginning to change but we won’t notice the effects of the pattern change till Friday or Saturday at the latest. The high pressure system dominating the dry weather pattern will migrate east as we near the weekend and usher in some Atlantic moisture out... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Temps Peak Thursday/Friday this Week

Published: 10.3.17 8:57am

Good Morning Folks! It’s much warmer than yesterday with temps this morning in the low – upper 40’s, whereas this time yesterday we were dealing with temps in the mid 30’s in some spots, alongside the season’s first report of patchy frost (mainly on roofs). We’ll deal with a mix... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

1st Patchy Frost Report of the Season this Morning

Published: 10.2.17 8:18am

Good Morning Folks! Sunday morning was the coldest morning of the season with Sylva dipping to 39.4°F, but this morning all valley towns got in on the action with Sylva once again winning out with a low of 36.7°F this morning. One reader out of Johns Creek reported a low... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Gorgeous Fall Weather this Weekend

Published: 9.29.17 8:44am

Good Morning Folks! We are finally making the turn today (Friday) as cooler weather takes most of the day to infiltrate the region, setting up a gorgeous fall weekend. Sunshine, below normal temps and fairly chilly nights are what’s in store for the weekend, with temps gradually warming back up... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Mid 80's by Wednesday; Lows 70's this Weekend!!!

Published: 9.25.17 8:11am

Good Morning Folks! Congratulations to the WCU Football team on their big win against #17 ranked Samford this past Saturday! The weather this week will finally offer up a pattern change, although it will take till the end of the work and school week to arrive, we finally have cooler... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Warm and Sunny through Wednesday

Published: 9.24.17 12:28pm

Good Afternoon Folks! The weather continues to be warm and dry with mostly sunny skies overhead today through Wednesday, but there finally looks to be a pattern change on the horizon, with cooler temps possibly arriving by late next week! A frontal passage is scheduled to push through the region... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Summer Like Weather on the First Day of Fall

Published: 9.22.17 8:51am

Good Morning Folks and Happy First Day of Fall, or for the more astrology inclined folks, Happy Autumnal Equinox! Officially the equinox will occur at 4:02pm this afternoon but the weather will continue to feel like late summer as we deal with temps in the upper 70’s – low 80’s... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Last Day of Summer Feels Like Summer

Published: 9.21.17 7:57am

Good Morning Folks! Sorry for the lack of daily posts, but we are going through a site redesign and we are trying out a few programs that cause us to miss some days. We hope to be back to our daily update routine sometime in the next week or two,... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Slightly Above Normal Temps Continue through the Week

Published: 9.18.17 8:18am

Good Morning Folks! Although we took the weekend off, the weather did not but the forecast we laid out Friday held through the weekend as it was a fairly quiet two days, with sun and clouds dominating the forecast. We expect dry and fair conditions to continue today into Wednesday... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Easy Forecast through Next Week

Published: 9.15.17 9:19am

Good Morning Folks! Fog will take a few hours to lift this morning and passing clouds are likely through the late morning hours, with clearing skies the rest of the afternoon. Saturday through Wednesday of next week will keep mostly sunny skies across the region, however it won’t be bone... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Sunshine and Warmer Temps Friday into Next Week

Published: 9.17.17 8:38am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up a tenth of an inch of rain over the past 24 hours and we’ll probably not exceed a tenth of an inch over the next 24 hours as the influence from the remnants of Irma begin to fade across our portion of the country.... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

Winds Calming Down; Sunshine by Friday

Published: 9.12.17 8:44am

Good Morning Folks! Looks like we will fall short about an inch as 2 – 4” fell across the region over the past 24 hours and although another quarter – half inch is possible today, it doesn’t look like we will pick up the 3 – 6” we called for,... Click Here to Read the Full Article »

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