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Showers Reign Supreme Saturday through Wednesday

Published: 2.9.18 2:53pm

Good Afternoon Folks! If you don’t already know, rain is on the way and good bit to boot as we expect 3 – 5” of rain to fall across the region tonight through Monday, with another several inches likely through next week as southwest flow becomes the norm for the next 5 – 7 days. The one silver lining to all of this rain (minus the fact that its beneficial to the region) is that temps will be above normal, peaking to the low 60’s Sunday and again by the middle of next week. Of course, this leaves the snow lovers and skiers high and dry (although technically soggy), but we still have 6 – 8 weeks left before we begin our turn toward spring weather, so don’t panic just yet. 

Sunshine will wrap up the work week this afternoon and temps are hitting the low 60’s across the valleys, creating a gorgeous afternoon and if you have the time, we highly encourage you to step outside and soak up some Vitamin D, because it could be another 6 – 8 days before we see full sunshine again. Temps dip into the low – mid 40’s tonight as clouds develop across the region, with showers filling past midnight and becoming heavy at times closer to sunrise on Saturday. 

Saturday and Sunday will be soggy and a washout will take place, with up 3 – 5” of rain across the region but with this SW flow across the region, places like Southern Highlands Plateau will be the winners and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few 6” totals by the time this event winds down Monday afternoon. Temps tomorrow hit the low – mid 50’s and only settle into the upper 40’s – low 50’s, rebounding to the mid 50’s – low 60’s Sunday afternoon. 

Monday through Wednesday of next week will feature several rounds of scattered showers that will keep cloudy skies overhead and although temps average out to the low 50’s – low 60’s each afternoon, we don’t expect any of the recent rainfall to dry out. With this in mind, we could experience high creek and stream levels and as such, the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for this weekend and this may be extended into next week if the forecast calls for more than scattered showers. 

Boiled down, soggy weather reigns supreme tonight through the middle of next week and if you haven’t invested in a decent rain jacket, do so today as you’ll need it for the next handful of days. ENJOY! 


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