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Returning to the Ice Box this Weekend; SNOW for the TN line

Published: 1.11.18 10:44am

Good Morning Folks! Well, all good things must to come an end as the warm weather we are currently enjoying till give way to a light snow event this weekend, with below normal temps hanging around all of next week. Temps today hit the low 60’s across the lower elevations and do so again tomorrow, however tomorrow features much more rain than we’ll experience today, possibly up to 3 – 4” along the escarpment (area in which the mountains drop off to the foothills = SC state line). Saturday keeps a few light snow showers going along the TN line, however all of SW NC will return to the icebox, with temps just above or right around freezing for the lower elevations and staying in that range through late next week. Sunshine returns Sunday and dominates the forecast through next week, with a possible light snow event for the TN line Tuesday. All in all, warm weather ends and our cold temps return after a decent rain event for the region. 

Cloudy skies today will not limit temps from reaching the low 50’s – low 60’s across the region, with showers slowly expanding in coverage as the day moves along. The majority of the rain will pepper the SC state line, while isolated showers migrate NW from this area. Showers ramp up in coverage late tonight and tomorrow brings us heavy rain as a system swings across the Southeast. Expect showers throughout the day tomorrow, heavy at times as thunderstorms dot the landscape. Temps will fall like a rock tomorrow afternoon, sometime around 3 – 6pm as we go from the low 60’s in the valleys to the upper 20’s by sunrise Saturday. This will kick over any remaining precip to snow but it doesn’t look like any issues will be had related to travel as accumulations should be limited to the TN line where places like Cataloochee Ski Area could pick up an inch. 

Saturday keeps light snow and flurries across the region for most of the day, with NW winds around 10 – 20mph and with temps only reaching the mid 20’s – mid 30’s it will make a drastic change compared to Friday. The Smokies and Cataloochee Ski Area will likely pick up another inch or two before the event is all said and done, which should occur by the late afternoon hours. Overnight lows dip into the low – upper teens depending upon elevation with clouds gradually clearing out. 

Sunday through the middle of next week keeps sunny skies overhead, but temps won’t budge much as an arctic high holds temps to the mid 20’s – upper 30’s. Overnight lows will settle into the low – upper teens each night and its possible we dip into the single digits by Wednesday or Thursday morning for the higher elevations. 

Long story short, expect colder temps to return this weekend with a shot of snow for the TN line and then it’s all sunshine Sunday through the middle of next week, with temps remaining below average. ENJOY! 


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