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Damp Conditions through Thursday; Sunny Friday

Published: 11.7.17 9:09am

Good Morning Folks! Showers are beginning to move into the region and will eventually wind down this afternoon, picking back up tomorrow afternoon and finally winding down Thursday morning. This timeline may imply a washout but it’s just a few rounds of showers that will bring us roughly a half inch up to an inch over the next few days; more of a hindrance than a deluge. Temps however will begin to cool off beginning tomorrow, bottoming out Friday and then leveling off this week but remaining below average into next week. This may imply cold enough temps for snowmaking or natural snow and although it will dip to sub freezing levels Friday night (a change from yesterday’s forecast), local ski areas won’t make snow (we assume) because temps climb above freezing Saturday and remain so through next week, with additional rain arriving Sunday. As much as it pains us to say we may have another late start to the ski season (trust in that we are fans of snowmaking and skiing), hold in there as this part of the year can quickly bring us a deep cold snap that kick off the season. 

Showers today, tomorrow and part of Thursday will bring rainfall totals close to an inch for a handful of locations but for the most part, a half inch is what we expect region wide. Showers this morning will wind down to cloudy skies and the occasional light shower, taking till Wednesday afternoon to ramp back up to regionwide coverage, continuing overnight into Thursday morning. Showers should wind down by midday Thursday with clouds clearing as NW flow scours out the in place airmass. Temps go from the upper 50’s – low 70’s today (another change from yesterday) to the upper 40’s – mid 50’s Thursday, with overnight lows following the same trend; mid – upper 30’s by Thursday night. 

Friday and Saturday provide us with a window of sunshine and dry weather, however temps will only reach the mid 40’s – mid 50’s Friday and climb a few degrees higher on Saturday. Friday night should be our coldest night of the week with temps dipping into the upper 20’s – mid 30’s, so plan for a decent freeze if you still have plants in the ground/pots. 

Showers are likely to develop Sunday but this could change and for now we are going with moderate intensities, but some models point heavy rainfall, so keep this in mind if you have outdoor plans. 

Overall, showers making for a damp next few days with showers ending Thursday, setting up a sunny end to the work week and start to the weekend, however showers return Sunday. ENJOY! 

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