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Over a FOOT of Rain from Sat AM - Mon AM

Published: 10.9.17 8:33am

Good Morning Folks! It always amazes me that no matter how much rain we pick up, unless there is flooding, local news or social media won’t get overly excited but for those of us who are weather nerds, this recent heavy rain event was amazing. We forecasted 4 – 7” with a few spots hitting slightly higher amounts, but that forecast was blown out of the water with a region wide 4 – 9”, however numerous sites picked up over a FOOT of rain!!! The highest total we could find was out of the Panthertown Valley area with a max of 14.53” at the Robinson Creek gauge, while places like Highlands picked up 14” and nearby Glenville reported 12”. We just picked up over a foot of rain for a good portion of the region over a 36 – 48 hour period depending upon location and no one is batting an eye. This just goes to show how much rain we pick up here in SW NC and our ability to handle such an amount and now our attention turns to the ridgelines to see how much leaf canopy remains, as high winds did push into the region later in the day on Sunday. The weather today through Wednesday will remain muggy with spotty showers and we dry out Thursday into the weekend, but temps will remain well above average, especially for the overnight lows. 

Cloudy skies will sit overhead most of the day, with isolated showers developing this afternoon and scattered showers later tonight as another disturbance taps into the already in place excessive moisture levels. Temps will push into the upper 60’s – upper 70’s this afternoon but only fall to the low – mid 60’s tonight, mainly due to the tropical nature of the in place airmass. 

Tuesday and Wednesday provide us with additional shower chances, with Tuesday offering up the best chance as scattered showers continue from the overnight hours, while Wednesday is simply a hangover from the day before as moisture begins to wane across the Southeast. Temps push into the upper 60’s – upper 70’s both days, although Tuesday is likely to be a degree or two cooler than Wednesday, with overnight lows settling into the low – mid 60’s Tuesday night but cooling off to the mid – upper 50’s Wednesday night. 

Thursday into the weekend should bring back mostly sunny skies and temps will respond, holding to the upper 60’s – upper 70’s, however overnight lows will dip to the upper 40’s – mid 50’s by Thur/Fri night and although this is not normal for mid October, it’s a reprieve to the current setup and we’ll take it. 

Overall, lingering showers today through Wednesday with coverage peaking on Tuesday, followed by clearing skies and sunshine to wrap up the school and work week. ENJOY! 

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