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Sunshine and Warmer Temps Friday into Next Week

Published: 9.17.17 8:38am

Good Morning Folks! We picked up a tenth of an inch of rain over the past 24 hours and we’ll probably not exceed a tenth of an inch over the next 24 hours as the influence from the remnants of Irma begin to fade across our portion of the country. We expect cloud cover to continue across our region today with a few light showers and temps will remain below normal, however by tomorrow we should find temps rising to near normal levels as sunshine sets up shop across the Southeast. For those who are not a fan of fall or winter and wish summer would linger for a little while longer, the next few weeks are for you as temps push to normal and at times, above normal levels, with sunshine and dry conditions dominating the forecast. Sunshine will move overhead Friday with a few clouds lingering along the TN line and this fair weather will stretch all the way into the middle to end of next week, with temps at or near normal, which translates to temps reaching the upper 70’s – low 80’s across the valleys. The ridgelines will still be comfortable as they only touch the mid – upper 60’s each afternoon, with perhaps more cloud cover than the valleys as terrain influences wring out the minor amounts of moisture available to us over the next week or two. 

With cloudy skies overhead for much of the day, temps will only reach the upper 50’s – low 70’s depending upon elevation and if you are a fan of the fall months, we encourage you to get out and about today as temps warm up beginning tomorrow. Isolated showers are possible just about anywhere this morning and afternoon, however the focus will likely be the TN line as we deal with a southwest to westerly flow across the area as the remnants of Irma depart to the northeast. Eventually the influence of Irma will move out this evening and setup a gradual clearing of clouds and showers past midnight, with temps dipping into the mid – upper 50’s for most of SW NC. 

Sunshine will setup tomorrow and not let go till the latter part of next week, with temps rising to the low 60’s – upper 70’s Friday and leveling out to the mid – upper 60’s along the ridgelines and upper 70’s – low 80’s across the valleys Saturday into the middle of next week. There will be times where a few clouds develop along the highest ridgelines and a shower may develop as this still is the mountains and moisture will always be present, but for the most part we expect mostly sunny skies each afternoon, with mostly clear skies each night, alongside some dense fog Friday and Saturday night. Temps each night will settle into the upper 50’s – low 60’s and for those wishing cooler weather would stick around, just give it another week or two as the next 4 – 6 weeks are the most transformative for our region; heck, we wouldn’t be surprised to see wintry conditions develop above 6000’ sometime during the 1st or 2nd week of October. 

Overall, cloudy and cool today, then sunny and turning warmer Friday through the middle of next week. ENJOY! 

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