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A Slight Reprieve in the Action Today; More Rain Thursday

Published: 8.9.17 8:26am

Good Morning Folks! It’s been quite a week with showers and thunderstorms dumping anywhere from 1.75 – 3.5” across the region and we expect another 1 – 2” to fall from today through Sunday, so if you need to mow the lawn or do work outside and need it to be dry, today is your best chance. Although showers develop this afternoon, coverage and intensities will be the lowest of the week, with perhaps Saturday playing out in a similar fashion. Region wide coverage returns tomorrow as disturbances ride along the nearby front and Friday should be a soggy day, with pop up showers Saturday and Sunday. Sunday may turn out to have more shower coverage than currently forecasted but for the meantime we will let the models work out the kinks and by early next week, most all modeling agrees showers ramp up to region wide coverage Monday. Temps all the while will remain below normal and although it will be noticeable today and tomorrow, it will be a technicality Friday and Saturday as they reach highs a degree or two below normal. We are already getting emails and phone calls about the forecast for the Eclipse on the 21st and although we would love to weigh in at this time, we simply cannot as too much variation is in play looking past 5 – 7 days. 

Today will feature clouds decreasing throughout the morning hours but don’t be fooled into thinking it will be a sunny day all the way through, as the sun will increase instability levels, leading to showers past midday. The majority of the coverage will be along the ridgelines and southernmost points of SW NC, but there still exist the chance for showers throughout the valleys. Temps will push into the mid 60’s – upper 70’s, making it the coolest day of the week, so we highly encourage you to get out and about today, even if it’s to walk around during your lunch hour. Temps dip back into the low – mid 60’s tonight under cloudy skies as moisture piles up across the region, followed by isolated showers past midnight. 

Thursday and Friday will be some of our wettest days of the week, followed by spotty showers Saturday and a slight increase in coverage Sunday. Scattered thunderstorms will develop tomorrow and possibly widespread Friday, but either way the next two days will be wet with upwards of one inch across the region by Saturday morning. Temps Thursday hit the upper 60’s – upper 70’s, but finally break into the low 80’s Friday through Sunday, although it will only be the low 80’s. Shower coverage Saturday will be similar to today in that pop up showers develop past midday after some morning sun and Sunday looks to offer up more cloud cover as moisture pours into the region ahead of our next rainmaker Monday. 

Overall, the wet pattern continues with below normal temps and although this is a hindrance for some who wish to be outside all the time, this rainfall will help us down the line as we enter the drier months of fall. ENJOY! 


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