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Muggy and Warm Conditions Extend into Monday

Published: 6.16.17 8:19am

Good Morning Folks! We had another smattering of rainfall totals across the region yesterday, however this go around the focus was along the southern sections of Haywood, Jackson and Macon counties, with an average of 0.40” for this part of the region. The max was 1.02” atop Newfound Gap and the second highest was 0.72” out of Robbinsville, so a wide range of totals once again. We’ll deal with another round of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, extending into the evening hours and although coverage wanes a bit this weekend, we still expect an active pattern to linger into Monday. We’ll pick up another few inches of rain today through Monday and then a front sweeps the region Tuesday, setting up the middle of next week with sunny skies and a drier airmass. Temps however, remain at or slightly above normal today through the middle of next week, but we will find some relief by Wednesday night as overnight lows dip into the low – upper 50’s. 

We round out the work week today with temps rising to the low 70’s – low 80’s once again and although passing clouds are overhead this morning, we should be able to generate enough instability for scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. The focus of coverage will be along the escarpment and the nearby Great Balsams, but keep in mind we’ll also find showers migrating SE across the region as they exit the E TN region. Coverage should extend into the evening hours (although it did not last night as forecasted) and fade by midnight, with fog setting up during the pre dawn hours; temps dip into the upper 50’s – mid 60’s. 

Saturday through Monday keeps shower activity alive with a 40 – 60% coverage each afternoon and we want to remind folks that when we mention coverage percentages, we mean the coverage area, not a percentage of probability. For instance, when we say a 50% chance of rain, we mean that 50% of the coverage area (in this case, its SW NC) will experience rain, not that it could or not happen in the sense its 50/50. So, although it won’t be a washout each day, afternoon outdoor activities may be rained out but all you need to do is keep an eye to the sky or the radar and run inside for a short time as the shower moves overhead. Temps will push into the low 70’s – mid 80’s Saturday but level back out to the low 70’s – low 80’s Sunday and Monday, with temps overnight dipping back into the upper 50’s – low 60’s each night. 

Tuesday into the middle of next week will finally alter the current pattern but not break it all together as conditions dry out a bit once the front passes through the region Tuesday. This will bring us mostly sunny skies Wednesday and Thursday, however temps remain the same as they continue to push into the low 70’s – low 80’s each afternoon. 

Overall, afternoon showers and thunderstorms today through Monday, passing showers Tuesday and then sunshine Wednesday and Thursday. ENJOY! 

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