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Pleasant Conditions this Weekend; Cold & Snowy Next Week

Published: 2.5.16 6:14am

Good Morning Folks! We round out the work and school week today with a breezy, sunny day and temps should be somewhat chilly across the region. Fair weather continues into Saturday and Sunday with temps slightly warmer, especially Sunday. Past Sunday things change quickly and if you are not a fan of winter weather, then early next week is not for you. Light snow is expected late Sunday night, increasing in coverage Monday and scaling back somewhat Tuesday into Wednesday, but continuing nonetheless. Locations along the TN line will pick up the highest totals as this essentially becomes a prolonged NW flow event past the Monday system, so skiers rejoice as next week should offer up great conditions. Minus the snow, we will be dealing with the coldest snap of the season as many locations across SW NC will not experience temps above freezing from late Monday into mid morning on Thursday. With this in mind, whatever snow that does fall should stick around through at least Thursday, if not Friday of next week as Thursday remains somewhat chilly. All in all we highly recommend getting out and about this weekend and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine as next will be a polar opposite, literally. 

Today through Sunday however should be pleasant as we fine tune the forecast for early next week. Today we can expect temps to push into the low 30’s – low 40’s depending upon elevation, combined with winds out of the west around 10 – 20mph, gusting to 30mph along the ridgelines. Even with sunshine overhead today will be chilly and tonight temps dip back down into the low – mid 20’s, however with winds dying down and clear skies sitting overhead. Saturday brings temps back into the mid 30’s – mid 40’s and by Sunday we’ll find temps reaching the upper 30’s – upper 40’s, possibly low 50’s in towns such as Sylva and Franklin. Sunshine continues for both Saturday and Sunday, with overnight lows settling into the low – upper 20’s both nights, perhaps a bit warmer Sunday night due to increasing cloud cover. Past midnight on Sunday the models timing shows light snow beginning to push into the region, however we have kept it to the TN line area on the 5 day forecast. 

Monday through Wednesday of next week is still and will continue to be the talk of the town as all eyes are fixed on the 5 day forecast, with questions already coming in as to how much snow, when and who will see the highest totals. We truly wish we could answer those questions with confidence, however this far out we are simply coming around to the notion that it will snow and have a loose timeline we are comfortable sharing. Sometime Saturday afternoon we should be able to discuss finer details and by Sunday morning at the latest, we will release our SNOWCAST Map. 

With the excuses for a generic and somewhat generalized forecast explained, lets dive into what we know. This system will arrive into the area as a result of an upper level trough that will also bring us our coldest temps of the season and Monday in particular seems to push a somewhat large system into the area. This should be our largest and most impactful round of snow, with several others rounds of snow pushing through Tuesday into Wednesday. There will likely be lulls in the action, but as we mentioned before that with temps so cold across the area, most of the snow that falls will stick. Throwing out accumulations at this time can be misleading, as they will certainly change 10 times between now and the event, but a generalized statement that this will be a moderate event is not a stretch to say. Snow should wind down for most of the region by Tuesday evening, however continuing NW flow will keep light – moderate snow going along the TN line till Wednesday night. Places like the Smokies, Cataloochee Ski Area and other high elevation sites near the TN line will be the winners in this setup. With all of the snow hype, let’s not forget that temps will be frigid to say the least, with highs Monday only reaching the low – upper 30’s, struggling to rise past the low 20’s – low 30’s Tuesday and upper teens – low 30’s Wednesday. Overnight lows will dip into the single digits – teens for the most part, so also be sure to drip water to ensure pipes don’t burst. 

The above was a lengthy way to say, bear with us as we wait for additional information to begin diving into the details, but of course we still encourage folks to email us with their questions at Overall this weekend will be gorgeous followed by a frigid cold snap and region wide snowfall, ending with sunshine and slightly warmer temps for late next week. ENJOY! 

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