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Damp then Sunny; Warm then Cool

Published: 9.19.14 5:59am

Good Morning Folks! Friday has finally arrived and today we expect a bit more cloud cover overhead as easterly flow ramps up across the Southeast, due to a high pressure system spinning easterly winds into the Carolinas from the Northeast region. This will provide us with partly sunny skies as the damming configuration is rather weak and this will allow work to keep shower activity to a minimum with light intensities and/or drizzle. Temps will be held to the upper 60’s – mid 70’s depending upon elevation and it will feel a bit muggy outside, but the cooler temps will help keep the comfort levels high. Isolated light showers are possible after midday and the bulk of the action will be found directly along or near the SC state line, where the escarpment resides (area in which the mountains drop off to the foothills). This is due to moisture interacting with the sudden rise in terrain, helping to squeeze out moisture and keeping the majority of the rainfall to the southern portion of Macon, Jackson, Haywood and most all of Transylvania counties. Overnight lows will dip into the mid 50’s – low 60’s depending upon elevation and once the sun sets, most of the shower activity will cease as we lose daytime heating. With this in mind the local high school football games should be dry and a sweatshirt might be needed as cool temps hang around all day and night. 

Saturday and Sunday are looking fantastic and for those heading to Asheville on Saturday for the Guinness World Record attempt at the largest number of tubes floating down one river, the weather looks as good as it gets for late September. Mostly sunny skies will be overhead both days with temps rising to the upper 60’s – upper 70’s Saturday, rising a bit further to the upper 60’s – low 80’s Sunday. Some clouds will develop around the early – mid afternoon hours Sunday and this is due to a cold front approaching from the west, with the chance for late day showers as it nears the region. It seems the models are trying to time the front to swing through overnight into Monday, with the bulk of the rain falling right around midnight. This is welcomed news for those with outdoor plans (dry during day) and also local gardeners (needed rainfall), as we begin the season of long dry spells with intermittent rainfall opportunities. Overnight lows will dip into the mid 50’s – low 60’s both nights and it might be a degree or two warmer Sunday night due to the dense cloud cover overhead. 

Monday morning will likely feature some lingering light showers; however it seems we clear out rather quickly as mostly sunny skies take over shortly before midday. Temps will rise to the upper 60’s – upper 70’s and much drier air will infiltrate the region throughout the day. Overnight into Tuesday temps will finally dip below normal as they settle into the low – upper 50’s under mostly clear skies. 

Tuesday and Wednesday also offer up mostly sunny skies and temps will be below normal as well as they struggle to rise past the mid 60’s – mid 70’s each afternoon. With dry air in place, cool temps abound and sunshine overhead, the middle of next week will feel exactly as it should as we enter the fall season in the mountains. Overnight lows will dip into the upper 40’s – mid 50’s depending upon elevation and it seems some cloud cover will develop late Wednesday night, perhaps during the pre dawn hours. 

Thursday and beyond is a bit hazy due to the length of time from today till then, however it seems a cold front will swing through the region and if this were the case, showers and thunderstorms are an obvious assumption. Temps look to slowly return to normal as they climb to the upper 70’s late in the day. 

Overall, somewhat of a damp day, gorgeous weekend ahead, showers Sunday night followed by absolutely gorgeous weather Monday through Wednesday. ENJOY! 

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